50 Shades Of May (incite violence) TradeWithDave’s Final Answer ep. 4

March 7th, 2016

This week we take a look at Freedom of Expression and the First Amendment’s Time, Place & Manner framework.  Hopefully this won’t hurt your feelings, but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that blocking someone on Twitter just may be a form of hate speech in the near future.  You better think twice before blocking me like Marc Andreessen did because being the “new cool” doesn’t come that easy for me these days, but thanks to Marc I’m getting a second chance.

Dave fights back with some dangerous speech of my own.  Forgive me in advance, but bad hair days are one of the most common forms of online injury and fighting words like Aaaaaargh!, well they’ve been outlawed Charlie Brown.

“Unreal Property” TradeWithDave’s Final Answer (ep. 3)

February 27th, 2016

On today’s  “Final Answer” we take a look at property rights.  You know that thing that keeps people from simply jumping on your bicycle and riding away on it.  That is assuming that you have the receipt for the original purchase of your bicycle, you recorded the serial number in an affidavit at your local court house, you possess photographic proof of your 9/10ths legal possession of that bike and you reported it missing to the local authorities and your insurance company so they can “settle” with you on its depreciated value which is probably about $10.

The property banks loves to lend money on is considered “real” property because you can’t simply dig it up and take it with you like your gold bullion stash or roll it up like a Stevie A. Cohen original oil painting or an oriental rug and roll out of town in a fly-by-night operation.  Thanks to the digital millenium de-materialization of property, exercising your “rights” of ownership is becoming increasingly difficult when possession becomes as elusive as a bitcoin address that you left on a Gateway computer in 2009 when it was worth a mere $5, but today it’s worth $50,000.

Fire up the 5 horsepower go-kart and make some non-virtual donuts in your local abandoned K-mart parking lot because your most important piece of property, your own identity, is fixin’ to get real.

“Nemo Dat” – Dave’s Final Answer (episode 2)

February 16th, 2016

Thanks for your positive feedback on the new format.  We’re working on getting these down to around 5 minutes… this one went over a bit, but we’ll get there.  This week, we talk about Gestalt Money, Prediction Markets and the Antifragile “Sczports” of an assassination market of sorts.


J.P. Koning’s Moneyness Blog: http://jpkoning.blogspot.com/2016/01/what-makes-money-special-lawyers.html

Reggie Middleton’s Veritaseum: https://blog.veritaseum.com/

Paul “Sports” Sztorc’s Hivemind & Truthcoin.info : http://bitcoinhivemind.com/


Introducing: Trade With Dave’s ~ “Final Answer”

February 11th, 2016

Today we have something new for our friends here at TradeWithDave.  It’s a Limit Trade.  About 5 minutes of your time in exchange for a few video ideas.  Our hope is to make this a new segment of the blog.

This week I take a look at how the some new software called Dropzone might be utilized as a tool for social change when you take a @21dotco computer do a mashup with an Obamaphone and hand it to that sleeping homeless guy you find yourself stepping over on the sidewalk.





Machines Don’t Have An Agenda?

February 1st, 2016

Seriously?  Mike Hearn’s quite remarkable presentation about the future (which is actually the present) includes a statement from Mike that machines don’t have an agenda, or at least they can be programmed to NOT have an agenda and therefore to act with complete objectivity.

All these machines that Mike is talking about are programmed with algorithms.  Algorithms are “if/then” statements.  Such as “If you take your hand and push me in my chest, then I will punch your lights out.”  That’s an algorithm.  It’s conditional.  Not only is it conditional in a Turing complete sense (any input will provide you with an output), but it’s conditional in accordance with its program.

There’s only one problem.  That program… the one running the software that runs on the hardware that runs the robot was written by a person.  It’s impossible for a human being, even one as cold and calculating as Mike Hearn to not have an agenda.  All programmers have an agenda, ergo all programs have an agenda.  It’s impossible for robots, self-driving cars or any machine for that matter to be entirely objective in its output when that machine was designed, built and deployed through the subjective nature of a human being.

Mike even says as much himself in the presentation. He talks about working on products with a “billion plus users” and that no matter how hard he tried to make these projects objective (cough~ objects of his objective), he always failed. He says they always turned political essentially making Dave’s point. Looks like this particular presentation was one of Mike’s final hopes that through seemingly disinterested puppetry he would be allowed to mold Bitcoin in his own image. Who knows how Bitcoin XT will turn out? That story (core, xt, classic, unlimited) is far from over.

If this isn’t a CIA opp (or some other .gov agency that is unnamed e.g. Paypalintir Mafia), then I’ll eat my hat.  That hat eating exercise, ladies and gentlemen, was an algorithm. I designed the algorithm and I have a hat that’s made of cheese just in case I need it.


State of Bitcoin & The Blockchain Becomes State of Blockchain & The Bitcoin

January 30th, 2016

State of Bitcoin and Blockchain 2016 from CoinDesk

Paypal Token Bar-bearians At The Gate

January 28th, 2016


photo: Mihoda

Why do choosy mother’s choose Dave?  It’s simple.  Because, if you did, you would have seen this Henry Kravis First Data train coming down the Paypal payment rails in June of 2014.

“PayPal signed a strategic agreement with First Data to enable the acceptance of PayPal’s tokenized payments in-store by First Data’s acquiring clients and businesses. This is an important step forward in driving availability of PayPal at the point-of-sale as First Data is the largest U.S. merchant processor, with approximately 40% market share.”

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Here are links to the four articles Dave wrote way back when about where Larry Summers and the Xapo team were headed.  (Not sure why WordPress is turning my links into these big boxes).

The Rule Of Law Of The Jungle

Scarecoin: If it only had a brain

Sir Richard Raids The Panty Drawer

Lawsky & Larry Over Easy With A Side Of Chains

To Promises & Beyond!

January 24th, 2016

buzz2Holding On To Bitcoin & Beyond With All Their Might

Photo by Paul E. Alers

There’s plenty of buzz around Bitcoin and which infinity it’s going to be headed to (zero or hero). Here’s the first one. It’s a white paper from Bretton Woods Consumers’ Research division (est. 1929) that was presented this weekend at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami (www.btcmiami.com). The title is “The Promise of Bitcoin and the Blockchain”. I would suggest you find out if “the promise” is from one or the other or both before launching into the space for yourself.

The Promise Of Bitcoin And The Blockchain

Here’s another paper that I mentioned a few days ago from your friends at the International Monetary Fund.

Virtual Currencies And Beyond

Aaaand, a series of fresh reports would not be complete without a weigh-in from a big accounting firm.  Here’s Deloitte’s take on the space.

Blockchain Enigma. Paradox. Opportunity

Don’t forget the Brits… To the Blockchain and Beyond!!

Distributed Ledger Technology: Beyond Block Chain

… updating this page for the third time in three days.  Here’s the DTCC rendition of Sinatra’s you “embracable blockchain you”.


If you didn’t know better, you would think that there was a single orchestra conductor somewhere handing out the sheet music.  Speaking of the DTCC, that’s been one of Dave’s favorite subjects over the years.  Here’s twenty articles on the subject if you’re having trouble sleeping or understanding why the DTCC is so important to Digital Assset Holding’s strategery.


This is the fourth update to this blog post… the blog post that wouldn’t die.  Here’s Price Waterhouse Coopers on A Strategist’s Guide To Blockchain.

A Strategist’s Guide To Blockchain

Goldman Sachs on The Digitization of Finance or what Dave refers to as SAchain (video).

The Digitization Of Finance

I skipped this one when it originally came out, but considering that this blog post has turned into a library index for January 2016 as the Month of the Blockchain, here you go.  Magister Advisers: A Survey Of Global Leaders.

Magister Advisors: A Survey Of Global Leaders

Now, I’m breaking my own rule and rolling back to earlier in 2015 when the European Central Bank issued their 2nd paper on Virtual Currencies:

European Central Bank – Virtual Currency Schemes – A Further Analysis

Sian Jones gets the final word for the European Parliaments Economic & Monetary Affairs Committee hearing on The Bitcoin, The Bitcoin, The Bitcoin.

EuroParl Hearing On Blockchain Tech (video)

Nor’easter With Dave

January 23rd, 2016


Images from the Delaware shore.  Apologies for the amateur video.  Between fighting the wind, watching out for flying debris and responding to text messages from Dave’s wife demanding that I come home, I was busy. Video was recorded around 11 a.m. 1/23/16.

Trade Embraces With Daveos

January 22nd, 2016

Davos Channels Its Inner Frank Sinatra – Embraceable You

When Dave tries to sell you something, he will normally say something like “You may want to consider this application.”  I also might say something such as “Your organization may want to adopt this protocol.”

If Dave was working at a pet shop, I may even say “You should embrace this puppy.”  Outside of my becoming Barry Diller and IPO’ing online dating sites Match, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish and Tinder for $400 million (while holding back 86% of the stock for myself), describing any technology, except puppies or Russian brides,  as “embraceable” is… well… suspect.

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So, why exactly must we “embrace the blockchain”?  Think about it for a moment.  Embrace a puppy?  Who wouldn’t embrace a puppy?  Embrace Anastasia?  She seemed like such a nice girl online until she moved in, married me and took me for everything I owned.  Embracing something or someone or some puppy is a big deal.

When you embrace you let your guard down.  When you embrace you submit, you consent, you give up.  That’s what embraces are all about.  Hugging for more than 20 seconds can release oxytocin which is like smoking marijuana.  Yep.  It makes you trust the person you’re hugging.  Read the studies for yourself.

I guess that’s why everyone that wants to cut the cost of administering the global central banking system that starts in Basel Switzerland and covers nearly the entire globe wants you to embrace the blockchain including the IMF.  If you’re not sure about the distinction between embracing cold hard Bitcoin and embracing the warm fuzziness of the blockchain, then you may want to check her intentions before consenting to your Russian bride with marriage vows and before you take the polar bear plunge into the frozen waters of cryptographic money.

If you’re not careful, you could end up kicked to the curb and “left” behind for dead like Bitcoin on a blind date with Mike Hearn.