♫ 99 Bottles Of Lite Beer On The Firewall ♫

January 27th, 2015

Disorder in the Court title 1936.jpg

“Why… I oughta merkleize ya!”


I mentioned Hogan’s Heroes to my son the other day who is in his late 20′s and he had never heard of them, so Dave would guess that more than 50% of his readers have never heard of Moe’s murdalizing ways on The 3 Stooges.  Whether you can appreciate the finer points of nyuk, nyuk, nyuk or not, there’s a line being drawn in the sand known as the blockchain protocol.

In the tradition of you’re either with us or your with the terrorist stooges, the demarcation gauntlet has been thrown down and you’re either blockchain agnostic or token dependent.  If you’re token dependent you may even take it one step further and be what Meher Roy describes as a Bitcoin Maximalist sidechain (which is presumably Blockstream exhibiting all the traits of a WWGT Larry Summer’s production).

Ethereum is the Angela Merkel of Bitcoin in the security/privacy debate which is expressed by the well worn presidential declaration of trust 2.0;  ”The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.”

“Choice Architecture” and the Sunstein “Nudge” Doctrine expressed in terms everyone can appreciate and understand from the man who said “Beer is proof (of stake with steak) that God loves us.”

Make That 101 Bottles

When it comes to utilizing resources for recalculating merkle trees and slowing down processing time, Ethereum is the Guiness Stout of cryptofermentation.  You could contrast this with Bitshares leveraging the trust of a mere 101 delegates and their servers that provide lightweight proof of stake and you’ve got the Miller Lite tastes not so great but most definitely less filling of Ethereum gas costs (burp).  Pardon me.

What are the chances that a group of Bitshares delegates are going to violate your trust when that would result in the bums getting thrown out with the mop water (and therefore stop receiving payments)?  Well, you may not see a direct correlation like Dave does, but your friends over at the Swiss National Bank did precisely that when they rolled back their credibility blockchain and took the global foreign exchange market for a ride.  I can hear you now saying “But Dave, you can’t roll back the blockchain.”  I realize that… but somebody needs to tell it to Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis VP and research director David Andolfatto because…

“The way I view the Fed, and any institution, is it’s basically a computer program. Just like bitcoin, it’s an open-source computer program. You ask yourself, ‘What is bitcoin?’ It’s a protocol, it’s a computer program, it’s a constitution, it’s a law, it’s a legal code, it’s basically a constitution that governs the supply of its money and that governs the processing of payments.”  David Andolfatto, VP Federal Reserve

Do you need a better example of a central bank reiterating their commitment to the Euro peg… not exactly, and then throwing the foreign exchange market makers under the Hertz bus… exactly?  Saying one thing while doing another is exactly what blockchains are designed to prevent and the last time Dave looked, Central Banks Blue Ribbon reputation for truthiness is turning out to be Pabst-like.

“The central bank warned it is prepared to buy foreign currency in unlimited quantities to enforce the minimum exchange rate.” (not)


We all know what happened a few weeks following this CEOTweet.

So, what’s a beer tender to do?  Pony up to the bar and prepare to pay up for a bunch of Ethereum gas so that you can have bulletproof security to avoid the double-spending of cat pictures, or put your trustless network in the hands of 101 trustworthy beershare drinkers that successfully lobbied the Bitshares community into upvoting them into Head Brewmaster status?

Dave admits it.  I trust drunk people to guard over the trustless network of Preston Byrne’s Grumpy Marmot pet portfolio, but I’m not so sure that I want to trust the internet of money to 101 rapidly descending bottles of beer on the firewall when the next Swiss National Bank rings the Happy Hour FX bell.  Then again, daylight’s burning and does Dave really want to build his own home brewery from scratch when the the convenience store of cryptography is open 24/7?  Even Vitalik gave up on that.

So you want to, but you can’t do this asynchronously because you would have to do the entire process in ten seconds of real time to account for all the network changes.  Alright, so who cares?  Dave was just looking at his passport the other day when I realized it is expiring.  A passport is a  blockchain worthy thing-a-majig, so how long is Dave going to be waiting for the United States Postal Service to hash their blockchain and send Dave a new Proof of Bud?  I guess it takes weeks… if you’re lucky with those little white Jeeps all crammed full of boxes from Amazon.com.

So… let’s use trust where it makes sense and don’t use trust where trust isn’t needed and for everything else we’ll go postal (as in Kony 2012).  Let’s use speed where it makes sense and let’s let people wait whenever speed doesn’t matter.  Just imagine you’re trying to settle on a house purchase using a next generation Factom solution to search the title.  Do you really care if it takes 24 hours for the hash to hash its hash?  Didn’t think so.

Do you want to pay Vitalik Buterin et al. so that you can have a completely secure hash of your local courthouse (which by the way would be out of business in this scenario) property titles in ten seconds?  Didn’t think so.  Would you enjoy seeing your local courthouse put out of business?  Maybe… then again maybe not… at least not until we’ve completed a final hash of “God’s Laws” and “Man’s Laws”.

h/t Andy Perry – The United States of Everywhere there are cultural constituencies

Daniel Larimer makes a very important distinction about debt-based systems when he explains that there is a difference between trusting information and trusting someone’s ability to pay off a debt.  Daniel says “banking can’t be trusted because it’s a debt-based system.”  Dave has spent more than thirty years teaching people how to increase the topline revenue of their businesses and Dave can tell you the first thing he tells people; if you’re going to make a sales pitch, make it to someone with the ability to buy what you’re selling.

In God’s Law, we learn that He is no respecter of persons.  In other words, God is not concerned with your ability to pay a debt because you can’t.  That’s where Jesus entered the picture and that’s why there was an old covenant (think Abraham father many nations – 3 in particular that are killing each other) and a new covenant (forgiveness – not an ingredient of the blockchain).  People on the other hand who are trying to sell to other people can beg and plead and bend over backwards beyond the zero lower bound and into the land of negative interest rates.  In an  attempt to pitch you4 wares, if the buyer does not have the ability to buy what you’re selling (or retire on a negative interest rate on their savings) you may as well be offering Free Beer Tomorrow because you’re not going to sell anything.

Daniel Larimer’s point (38 minute mark) isn’t lost on Dave.  A debt that cannot be paid off will not be paid off.  The other side of the chessboard is a mathematical certainty, but when you’re dealing with math-based assets you are unlocking the abundance of what otherwise appears to be a resource-based global economy.  So which is it; Abundance or Scarcity?  Tune in again and find out… but I digress.


So where exactly will Ethereum’s Lite Beer (lightweight validation) version fall on Meher Roy’s spectrum of beerlievers in Guiness Stout and the Pabst bathwater?  Meher predicts that the blockchain agnostic sweetspot (FREE BEER TODAY!) is the winner in an increasingly crowded space occupied by the likes of his Hyperledger, Eris Industries, Codius and Ripple/Stellar (see below).  If time is money and security is a priority because you don’t trust the folks in your network then be prepared to pay up.  Then again, if the beer tender trusts you enough to put it on your tab, then time may still be of the essence, but trust is of no concern, until such time as you’re entirely tapped out.

“You always have the ability to tell the truth, but you don’t always have the ability to pay someone a debt.”

Daniel Larimer – Invictus Innovations

It’s tough to argue with Daniel’s tastes okay… less filling transactional model and the significant funding of development without creating an intolerable bill payable to the local power company is downright buzzworthy.  Is it legal?  Dave’s pretty sure that Daniel has covered the tax issues quite thoroughly, but I’m not so sure that he’s didn’t blow past the legal limit on the securitization issues.  What’s the mechanism for lending assets into existence backed by bitshares equity itself?  Feels alchemical to Dave, but I still like it.  What liability might the delegates have in their agency role?  I’d been interested in hearing your thoughts.

If you’re looking to take advantage of everything the blockchain has to offer, but you don’t want to buy a bunch of rapidly depreciating bitcoins (never say never) so that you can get started, then you may want to consider both what Eris Industries and Invictus Innovations Bitshares have to offer (beyond a resettable website countdown clock).  We’re even looking forward to discovering more about MaidSafe.org in the near future.  There are options for creating your own Distributed Autonomous Organization or running in an instance that already exists and then converting at a later date and designing parameters that are suited to your strategic objectives while allowing for flexibility in the future.

If you’re ready to learn more about The Blockchain For Business, make sure to sign up to receive information about our Blockchain For Business online seminar.  If you like, you can even enjoy a beer during the seminar, just remember to sing responsibly.   Click here.


The Fed’s Bitcoin Strategery 2.0:  https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/federal-reserve-bitcoin-strategy/

Going Up!

January 27th, 2015

Second floor… ladies ready-to-wear… lingerie… bitcoin belief systems…

photo: malais


Meher Roy breaks down the blockchain bets based on belief systems.  Meher’s money is on level 2.

The elevator business certainly has its ups and downs, but finding an operator with insights such as Meher’s helps make the ride enjoyable.  The fact he has the nerve to call attention to the token “emperor’s wardrobe” is courageous in Dave’s opinion.  Check him out @MeherRoy on Twitter.


Shake Shake Shake… Shake Shake Shake… Shake Your Blockchain

January 27th, 2015

Just because someone doesn’t know the difference between a “shakedown” and a “shakeout” doesn’t mean you can’t learn something from them.


The crypto-application stack as depicted by @VitalikButerin




Just in case you forgot how to shake it… shine a little sun on your crypto band of brothers and things start moving K.C.  On second thought… maybe it was a shakedown… shake… shake… shake… shake.

Have Al Gore’s People Call My People… Or Whatever

January 22nd, 2015

What could possibly go wrong when you create a sort of global Jurassic Park for philanthropy, a  Moneyball database for global giving?

It’s a fight.  No, it’s not The War On Drugs Terror.  It’s not even Whip Inflation Now.  It’s the Global Citizen Fight Against Poverty and it starts with Monsanto and vaccinations and thirdly mobile banking.

From Forbes:

Specifically, Gates and his wife Melinda, who co-wrote this year’s letter, will commit to fund the creation of a massive self-registered database of “global citizens,” who will detail the causes and topics that interest them. A slew of qualified organizations, including the ONE Campaign, Oxfam and Save the Children, will then be able to access these names.

Gates on brokering partitions in the BIG LIST:

Says Gates: “The dream is to have people in the big list declare, ‘OK, I’m particularly interested in the environment.’ And then we go to Al Gore’s people or whatever… If they say health, OK we’re enough of a fair broker in the health game that we can come up with a finite set of messages that would include all the health people, if it’s hunger, if it’s education, and how you partition that out the right way.”

Unlike Larry Summers scorched earth policy on the reformation, Gates is willing to not throw out the Calvins with the wash water – churches win too… just so long as we can talk to your members over their mobile phones on their way to and from church… capiche?



Think of it as Colonel Muster in the library with a LAMP (linux, apache, mysql, php) stack.  Forbes on the future of giving.  It may be your money, but it’s our muster that will need passing: http://www.forbes.com/sites/randalllane/2015/01/22/bill-gates-is-about-unveil-the-most-powerful-tool-in-the-history-of-social-activism/

Don’t take Dave wrong.  The ideas are great, (reduced infant mortality, clean drinking water, a google ad sponsored mobile phone in every poverty stricken hand “cough” loaded with bitcoin) but something tells me that this isn’t entirely about the ideas as much as it is about the share price of Monsanto et al.  Ideas are what we’re trading here.  Tell me what you think.

“Base To Dave… Come In!”

January 21st, 2015

File:Portable radio SCR536.png

“Roger that.  Base… this is Dave… Do you read me?” 

“We read you Dave… go ahead”

 ”Did Coinbase really raise a record $75 million from a group of the strangest bedfellows you’ve ever seen?”

“We don’t know Dave?  What’s Coinbase?  What’s a bedfellow?”


Tim Draper – Isn’t he the guy who bought all those Bitcoins from the U.S. Marshalls?  Thought so.

Mark Andreessen – I read Mark’s tweets.  I don’t get them.  Yes, he started Netscape and Loudcloud.  He’s rich, but that’s ancient history.  He advised Mark Pincus at Zynga.  Uhh.  I wondered who was advising Mark Pincus at Zynga because Mark (Pincus not Andreesen) emails me back, but didn’t take my advice about going head to head with Sheldon Adelson.

Fred Wilson – I read Fred’s tweets.  I don’t get them.  Clearly smart MIT and Wharton man, but… I don’t get him.  I like him, but… I don’t get him.  I actually trust this guy and he may be the best known person in the entire VC tech space, but… I don’t get him.  People don’t get me either and I went to Wharton so maybe that explains it.  Didn’t Fred just launch a Bitcoin lobbyist org in D.C…. with no lobbyist so they called it a “think tank?”  Thought so: http://tradewithdave.com/?p=23166

Micky Malka – He’s on the board of the Bitcoin Foundation.  Is there still a Bitcoin Foundation?  He’s on the board of Wonga.  Seriously?  Wonga.  Didn’t they have to pay like $20 million in remediation for wrongly loan sharking people in the U.K.  Maybe that was another Wonga.

NYSE – The New York Stock Exchange is investing in a Bitcoin company?  ROFL

USAA – What the heck?  Isn’t that like a hybrid of the Pentagon and AAA the car towing people.  Don’t they have TV commercials designed to convince you that you’re Vietnam Veteran grandfather has handed you down an inheritance in the form of an auto insurance policy.  No.  I mean “No” like Dos Equis Most Interesting Man meant “No” when they asked him about rollerblading.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yT6fkPklReE

BBVA – Okay,  they do sponsor the Compass Bowl football game in Birmingham.  I’ll give the bank that, but hopefully they won’t get busted again for that scheme to generate unlawful fees to their customer accounts.  A Spanish bank with branches in Birmingham, Alabama.  No again.

Vikram Pandit – As CEO of Citigroup, here’s what Mike “that’s why I’m richer than you” Mayo had to say about it; “What kind of signal does that send, that the bank that was the worst-performing in our country over the last decade and whose stock price is still down significantly since he took over, is the ambassador for our financial industry?”  Kudos to Vik for working for $1 per year.  On second thought… No.  Jeopardy… I’ll take Sandy Weill’s paycheck for $500 Alex.

Tom Glocer – A director for Mercek, Morgan Stanley and a CFR member.  Former CEO of Thomson Reuters.  Okay, you got me on this one.  Sounds quite Rothschildian if you ask Dave.

Docomo – Isn’t this the Japanese government’s telephone company of which they are their biggest shareholder?   Thought so… can you hear me now?  Didn’t think so.  Dave said No!


O’Trade With Dave

January 21st, 2015

Tim O’Reilly on the blockchain as a platform.

Nothing Comes Between Her & Her Calvin$

January 21st, 2015

File:Angela Merkel Juli 2010 - 3zu4.jpg

The German Chancellor modeling this season’s fashionably Euclidean element: The Merkel Rhombus  (photo: Armin Linnartz)


There’s a religious conflict brewing.  No, it’s not the one between Western Judeo-Christian heritage and radical Islam?  It’s not attempting to quantify the legalities of  satire by employing a satirical “just us” system based on the Himpton Doctrine of convenience.

This battle royale blue is more along the lines of the invention of designer jeans and how a teenager named Brooke Shields transformed the fashion business by convincing young ladies everywhere that spending $50 for a pair of pants was not only trendy, but downright smart business for the sellers of teenage sovereignty.

You wouldn’t know that Europe was deflating based on the price of a Reuben sandwich in Davos.

“Is it too much to ask that Germany take a forward-looking view of a common European destiny in thinking about macroeconomic policy … rather than a retaining a green-eyeshade accounting mentality?”

Larry Summers speaking at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland



What is Larry really doing in this attempt to deploy the Davosian version of cyber-bullying German green eye-shaded accountants?  Larry is beating the tally stick plowshare of dual-entry debits and credits into the virtual sword of 3-D accounting.  He is taking monetary policy of financial reporting that is expressed in the past (Income Statement) and the present (Balance Sheet) to one that sheds us of our past by allowing us to prepay for our future.

Larry’s strategery guarantees there can never be a default.  How does it do such a thing?  It’s quite simple really.  You have to pre-pay… that is unless you’re a primary dealer.  Introducing the prebit.

Never default again!  Well, it sounds like a pretty good idea until you discover the costs of wintering in Hotel California Davos with Summers.  Larry’s overture to Angela overlooks precisely what you are redeeming in exchange for your ticket to The Wonderful World of Davos Dollars.  Your citizen-share of your sovereign checks-in locally… but can never check-out globally.

What are you redeeming for your prepayment?  You personal share of your sovereign’s wealth which for the most part you didn’t even know you owned and if you’re German we’ll store it for you in the basement of the NYFed.  If  you listened to the nightly news you thought that your national debt was so exorbitant that you didn’t want to own it anyway so you may as well donate it to the local thrift store like an old pair of genuinely industrial Carhartt’s.

Who needs a $50 bill when you can exchange it for pre-paid fashion and risk-free accountability for Larry’s return-free risk?   Yes, in Germany a genuine university education may be free, but with two free years of tech school thrown in, even Brooke Shields makes such stateside fashion-forward-looking-designer-monetary-policy-wear all the rage.

Looks like Larry is just the revolving door financial aficionado to tell an industrial powerhouse like Germany how to manage their fund after Larry managed to lose $1.8 billion of Harvard’s money.  Then again, isn’t denying Germany of their ever-lingering debt to the world a form of hate speech?  This blog post may be banned in your country, so check before you read it.

So, if triple-entry accounting (aka the blockchain aka momentum accounting) is such a great innovation, then why do we have to sell out our sovereignty to participate?  You don’t.  There’s a fine line between utilization and participation.  Forced participation is how guys like Larry extract wealth from guys like  you and is the spawn for White House Summerisms such as “What would Goldman think?”


There’s always the option of wearing Calvinism… or wearing nothing at all.

The former Secretary of the Treasury’s playing of the Calvin covenant card in his attempt to disgorge Germany’s gold is the oldest trick in the book.  Choosing Calvin’s home turf of Switzerland to invoke an ad hominen attack on Germanic accountant’s fashion choice for headwear may be tactical, but then again like many previous pop culture clashes,  Summer’s bowling for dollars may backfire like beatniks and bell-bottoms.

Summer’s invocation of a debate between the law and grace cast in the aftermath of an a posteriori Swiss National Bank rollback of their credibility blockchain against a backdrop of a priori Swiss Alps may fail to resonate like a (cough) Ricola throat lozenge commercial… Ricola… Ricola…  Losing other people’s money (aka “Doing God’s work”) never stopped him before.

Regardless of where you stand on the seriousness of satire and the Abrahamic origins of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, one ideal is was universal.  The concept that debt is bad and equity is good, is central to all forms of faith with one exception:  the church of central banking.

It doesn’t take an economic jeanius to understand Larry Summer’s approach to “forward thinking” accounting. In Davos Larry Summers is assuming a very persuasive position towards the Deutsche Mark… or is that the Deutsche Marky Mark. Your mother warned you about boys like Larry… he’s only interested in your Calvinism.

Is this where rent-seeking originated?  ”Whenever I get some money I buy Calvin’s and if there’s any left… I pay the rent.”


Larry and Lawsky warned us that they had already sided with a winner in the Side A Fries vs. Side A Chains challenge.  We now see that side chains are basis for Adam Back’s pledge to Blockstream’s business model.


Want to learn more about the key distinctions between utilization and participation?  Sign up for Dave’s “Blockchain for Business” seminar:


How to justify a $20 side a Davos fries:  http://tradewithdave.com/?p=20832

How to catch up on your triple-entry accounting: http://tradewithdave.com/?s=%22triple-entry+accounting%22+

What’s that noise howling outside your tiny hotel room window in Davos?  Why it’s the Windhover Transition blowing into town:  http://tradewithdave.com/?s=%22windhover+transition%22



Dave was looking back through Twitter when I noticed this from November 2, 2014

That made me start thinking about Larry Summers and Blockstream specifically.  Here’s what I thought.  Based on Larry’s comments on Calvinism, Dave thinks that Larry views the consensus model expressed by Blockstream (and I believe Truthcoin also) serves as a form of disintermediation of free will.  My gut instinct is that Larry’s money (and Goldman Sachs for that matter) would have been on Ethereum.  However, due to the strategic compromise (i.e. “compensatory mechanism”) of which expressing Ether as a proprietary currency rather than Bitcoin was… IMHO, Ethereum has built a very secure tower and filled it with rapidly depreciating Bitcoin (when measured in dollars) which they are no doubt liquidating post-haste.

When I published this article (http://tradewithdave.com/?p=23036), I wrote  “Eris compensates lawyers and Ethereum.”  Based on my current understanding that should be corrected to read “Eris compensates lawyers and may compensate Ethereum, but since such compensation to Ethereum is not required it most likely won’t happen.”  In that case, the compensatory mechanism is voluntary in the form of fees, subscriptions, purchases of tool sets, transaction fees, software fees, (i.e. the Red Hat Linux/blockchain agnostic services model) etc.

As arbitrarily boring that thought may be,  it’s no small thing if Larry’s invocation of a post-Calvinist society was actually an attack on the free will of individuals, made in God’s image and occupying the Occidental realm.  What do concepts such as free will and being made in God’s image have to do with any of this stuff?  Actually it has quite a lot do with it and Dave’s sensor is being set of by just how “consensus” is arranged in your distributed application.

Price Rollback… Swiss Style “Legal” Markdown

January 18th, 2015

Je suis sold out.


What did you expect from a mercenary?  That’s the meaning of being neutral.  It’s not that you don’t choose a side to align with.  You’re aligned against everyone simultaneously and now your hometown Swiss butcher is aligned against you for your failure to “participate” in the Swiss “participation economy” while sneaking in a French dip.

If “parameterizing” your proprietary blockchain allows for rolling back your “credibility chain” Swiss National Bank style, then I guess” marmotizing” is the non-virtual crossing of the non-border border and raiding the tangible butcher case with your CHF 1000 tokens.

Preston Byrne & Casey Kuhlman explain the distinction between a common butchering of the blockchain and the finer points of efficiency vs. enforcement in the legal vs. lawful debate.  If the map IS the territory and the receipt IS the transaction, does you third-party need to be genuinely sentient or do you just need a Sunstein sense of sentience?

A sort of Begin the Beguine Cole Porter faux Jubilee transformation from Christian lay woman to tango dancer by employing a stretch from 8 measures to 16 measures without your even noticing what happened.  Turn up the volume and you don’t even hear the currency war raging in the background and as you are caught up in the euphoria of the digital fiat dance you too will be convinced (or at least nudged from you Iphone induced group stupor) that the law has learned from its mistakes.

I’m sure there’s a sensor available from Amazon that will “sense” the legality of your linguistics; a sort of Nest sensing thermostat that embodies Noam Chomsky’s average body temperature, a contractual recorder of legal thought crimes that serves as a lie detector of heated contract negotiations.  The sensor may fail to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, but does invoke a reasonable suspicion of precisely who “pushed the button” (or failed to push the participatory button or pledge allegiance to the blockchain) even if they were tricked into doing it by their opposition and a reasonable suspicion that you have something to hide is clearly the new legal standard in a post-encryption society.

Who should pay to get central bankers out of traps, when they dug the trap themselves?  You of course.  That’s what bail-ins are all about, so beware the by-law provision that provides for a revision to the by-laws also known as the swappable genesis block.

Psalm 57:6

“They spread a net for my feet – I was bowed down in distress.  They dug a pit in my path – but they have fallen into it themselves.”





And you thought Dave’s idea of bringing back the First Citywide Change Bank was a bad idea. Told you so.

So much for Group Think… how about Group Smarts… it’s like Smart Phones for Groups.


Guess it’s time to for some legal “markup” of The Constitution.  I guess we’re “wiser” now… or at least the group is.


Dave on the empathy trap: http://tradewithdave.com/?s=empathy

It Depends On What The Meaning Of The Word “Trade” Is Is

January 17th, 2015

The French… they’re always reporting stuff.



Await With Dave… for the punch line

January 15th, 2015

Maybe a more appropriate title for this post would be Trade Punches With Pope Francis. He’s feisty and has a pretty good “non violent” right, but I can imagine his upper cut would be a real knockout.

Looks like you’ve got a ringside seat at the Thrilla On The Way To Manilla 2.0.  Before you start thinking that Rome’s top man is taking a low blow at the freedom of expression cartoon “You’re a good man Charlie Hebdo”, you may want to go a couple of rounds in the democratized ring with Andy Perry.  Andy’s take on Muhammad floats like a Butterball turkey in the en-suite and stings like a Burt’s Bees’ en-trepreneur healing Alibaba’s chapped lips in the Arabian Desert for dollars.

In the midst of yet another “runaway favorite”, Dave’s flair for launching more than a half-dozen companies qualifies me to buckle a self-styled swash, arbitrage the toilet paper market in Venezuela, butter my own brio (btw what’s a brio?) and still figure out how to open the innovative canister on a Dyson vacuum cleaner… HONEY!!!.

That being said, I would encourage you to read Andy taking a crack at death.  The Death Of A Salesman in particular of which Dave is je suis, or in other words, “I resemble that remark.”  As far as distinguishing between Burger King’s “Have it YOUR way” and the King of Kings “I am THE way“… you may hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders, don’t upset us, but when it comes to turning the other cheek, there is no greater love than this Willy Loman.

John 15: 13 – 17  Greater loves has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.  You are my friends if you do what I command.  I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business.  Instead,  I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.  You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit–fruit that will last.  then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.  This is my command: Love each other.

Andy ♫ swings low…sweet chariot driving entrepreneur ♪… coming for to carry Willy Loman home to the church of Uber.



Muhammad may be turning the other cheek this time, but wait till he sees you in Manila… for the Thrilla.  

I guess this is what happens when Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations collides with Abraham, father of both Issac and Ishmael and the Father of Many Nations.  Come to think of it, is the “wealth” of “resource-based” nations expressed within the races of people that make up that nation such as Judaism or are nations arbitrary boundaries such as the ever-expanding Israel (or as explained by Andy Perry’s global state aka The United States Of Everywhere) the value equation?  I guess with horizontal fracking, boundaries ain’t what they used to be and neither is the price of oil – POW!