Diverge With Dave

April 18th, 2014

Converge with Kathryn.

Kathryn Kaminski on risk…


Forgiveness As A Crypto Currency

April 17th, 2014

aka how to code forgiveness…

If you’re a regular Dave reader, then you know I mention forgiveness quite often.  I’ve even gone as far as to say that forgiveness breaks down Eddington’s time arrow and the second law of thermodynamics.  Looks like the Bitcoin folks are catching up…

From: Casey Kuhlman ~

“What Ethereum will allow us to do, and some of the participants and Primavera herself did a good job of exploring, is to explore different normative bases for ideas. How would contracts work if we wanted to code forgiveness? Mercy? I have no idea, but these ideas are worth exploring.”



April 17th, 2014

For all you Mensa members out there… try this one on for size.   Dave’s been feeling for some time that Ethereum is a Goldman Sachs attempt to co-opt the Bitcoin blockchain with a proprietary cryptocurrency.  Well, take a look at this.




Nuts… explained.

April 16th, 2014

Please read this article, then look at these charts and then send me your explanation.  And while you’re at it, doesn’t Rob know that no one wears blue jeans anymore… only yoga pants… jus’ sayin’.

Rob Wood for the U.K.’s Telegraph:

“There is no imminent disaster now. The UK has not done well, to put it mildly, over the past few years. But the outlook for growth is strong. Employment is surging, up 240,000 in the three months to February, and business

surveys point to boom times ahead. The most likely outcome over the next few years is solid, possibly above trend growth. That is my own forecast. But also the IMFs for 2014, and a host of other forecasters.”




All The Presidents’ Bankers

April 16th, 2014

“There is no way we are not heading for a crisis.” Nomi Prins


Divide With Dave

April 15th, 2014

47 Days At Rikers… Matt Taibbi explains.

The Global Banking Game Is Rigged…

April 14th, 2014

… and the FDIC is suing.  This could be grounds for rescission.  Why do I sense a trojan horse here?

By Ellen Brown

Taxpayers are paying billions of dollars for a swindle pulled off by the world’s biggest banks, using a form of derivative called interest-rate swaps; and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has now joined a chorus of litigants suing over it.  According to an SEIU report.

Read the entire article:


The SEIU report:




Blythe Masters Under Investigation

April 11th, 2014



April 10th, 2014

Unprecedented… unwarranted… unasparagus

Wow… they’re really stretching it now. Things must be bad at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue when it comes to losing control of the Senate in the mid-terms for the hounds to be released on “slavery” as an issue that is somehow germane.

Buddy Lee Goes There

April 9th, 2014


Can’t Bust ‘Em?  But you can scare ‘em pretty good.


Attorney General Eric Holder points Texas Representative Louie Gohmert in the direction that he wants to go. That’ll teach you to ask questions… buddy.

Don’t miss the parting shot at the 1:40 mark… “Good luck with your asparagus.”

The origins of the asparagus: