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#Occupy With Dave

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Here’s a link to a very captivating photo series from the Occupy Wall Street protests from

Here are a few other links that relate to the #occupy movement.  I would recommend taking all of them with a grain of salt as both passionate individuals and the government have equal ability to launch websites for their own purposes.


Russel Simmons joins the Wall Street protests and is quoted saying that we need to stop “The Money Grab” in the following video. If you don’t know who Russel Simmons is, there is a link to his Wikipedia page below. His net worth is estimated at $340 million and he is the author of Russell Simmon’s Super Rich: Guide To Having It All… now available on Amazon (link below).

Here’s a link to Russell Simmon’s former wife and business partner’s website.  It provides an interesting contrast to the concerns of those who are protesting the excesses of the 1%.




“We’re All In This Together” IMF Head Christine Lagarde

Friday, September 30th, 2011


The Panopticon prison as designed by Jeremy Bentham in 1791.

You may not have even known you were “in it” with Christine.  Well, it looks like you are.  The way out, at least according to the International Monetary Fund is what they are calling an Enhanced & Consolidated Multilateral Surveillance Network.  It’s supposedly… “the only way out.”

If you believe, like Christine, that the solution to Too Big To Fail is an even bigger To Big To Surveil surveillance network, then get your checkbook out.  Germany just did and the U.S.A. is next on the list.


Last Stop For Fireworks

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Have you ever driven down interstate 95 through Pedro’s?  You know the truck stop on I-95 where Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke got his start placing hot dogs onto the perpetually rotating grill.  If you haven’t been there, then maybe you saw the movie City Slickers starring Billy Crystal and the scene where Curly (Jack Palance) explains to Mitch (Billy Crystal) that “there’s just one thing” that Mitch needs to know to make it through life.

Whether you’re talking about the song Hotel California, or your crossing the state line from Pennsylvania into Maryland and this is your last chance for fireworks, the concept of The Last Resort is a powerful one indeed.  Dave knows about the power of backing people into a corner, the prisoner’s dilemma and quantum theory in general.  You see Dave is a professional negotiatior.  In over thirty years of negotiating, if Dave has learned one thing it is that the human mind, if nothing else, is free to make its own choice. 

The folks at the Rand Corporation decided to dig into this concept on behalf of their client, the U.S. Government in the 1950’s.  If you have $16 to spare you can buy a technical paper from the Rand Corporation (they’re on SALE – the normal price is $20 or you can read about it for free on Wikipedia  It’s all about inductive reasoning. 

When Karl Popper put forth his concept of an “open society” rather than a “free society” it was based on the concept of potential falsifiability as creating a distinction between science and non-science.  When you delve into the area of economics, often referred to as a “soft science”, this is a big deal and George Soros knows that.

If you can convince people that this is indeed their last stop for fireworks, whether they wanted fireworks or not has now become the key conversation inside the mini-van.  That’s what behavioral economics is all about… changing the conversation; nudging us in the direction of making a choice that we may not have even previously been considering.

In the following video put forth by George Soros, he attempts to convince us that the ESFS is indeed the dealer of last resort.  Our last chance to stop and buy a burrito from Pedro, fill up the mini-van and wash it all down with a Big Gulp.  Once you’re convinced that the ESFS is the last resort, then you’re convinced that the previous financial sovereignty (at least from a debt perspective) of the Euro-dealing nations is no longer an option.  Once the ESFS is in place, the cornerstone is set for a pan-European bond similar to our U.S. Treasuries.  Once those bonds are in place, then Soros is one step closer to the creation of an occidental bond which will be the outcome of the next crisis and the implementation of the reset switch.

 To learn more about the distinction between “open” and “free” such as when a realtor holds an “open house” as opposed to Fannie Mae giving away a “free house” you may enjoy reading these Soros-related posts:



The Age Of Davequarius

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

We all know what it feels like when our planets line up… literally… in a straight line, on the screen… right in front of you.  If you’ve been wondering how the price of gold can drop $100 in a single day all the while gold-filled asteroids are falling from the sky, you’ve come to the right place.  Imagine the shock and surprise when I realized that I was probably the world’s sole expert on the topic of the economic impact of asteroids on our newest global currency – gold.  I call it Interplanetary Exchange Stabilization Fund (IESF) or  the more common TV land description of “Battlestar gold-lack-therof.”

 You see it all started, at least the initial research phase at the corner of 38th and Spruce Streets in Philadelphia, in the heart of  all things econometric, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.  This is where the heavy research (and when you’re talking asteroids – you’re talking heavy) is done on the impact of global changes to the business market.  My research didn’t start inside Dietrich Hall where… those who can’t, teach.  This was real hands-on econometricking and it happened just across the street at the WaWa convenience market.  You see the WaWa had what at the time was the epitome of innovation; two arcade games.  The first was Asteroids and the second was Space Invaders.

 You see, I was studying economics and playing Asteroids everyday for my entire sophomore year of college.  Who would have ever thought that such in-depth knowledge would be gleaned from the consistent stuffing of quarters (no doubt many pre-1965 silver clad quarters – this was 1980) into the Atari Corporation.  Before you discount the net present value of Dave’s experience as the outer space equivalent of today’s Farmville virtual harvest for the benefit of Facebook and Zynga, might I suggest a closer look.

If you didn’t know where gold came from in the first place, you learned this past week that it comes from outer space.  If you didn’t know where the value of gold came from in the first place, then you haven’t been spending enough time online farming the trades of Dave.  You see Dave knows where the value of gold comes from and he knows that even when gold-filled asteroids (by the name of Eros no less) are plummeting towards earth with the on-board payload equivalent of a moon-sized Twinkie (the golden sponge cake with the creamy filling) that the impact on prices can be severe. 

Before you can appreciate the supply and demand dynamics of gold, however, you must first understand human consciousness.  Whether you’re talking the twinkle of a twinkie-craving construction worker or the twinkle in the eye of a twinkling star-watching rocket scientist, human consciousness is a shared trait.  It is that shared trait that creates single-handedly the price of gold.  For you see gold has little utility.  It’s not like silver, or oil or even a loaf of bread.  You can touch it like an I-pad or admire it like a lily pad, but you can’t use it for much except its sheer admiration which puts it in the beauty paegent category.  Like the owner of Miss Universe, The Donald, taught us last week when he accepted gold as a deposit on property, we all know where beauty is… in the eye of the beholder.

Getting back to the beauty of asteroids.  According to these guys over at the, the asteroid Eros has $50 trillion dollars worth of gold stuffed into it’s suitcase and it’s headed your way .  So what is there to worry about except falling gold prices due to oversupply crashing into the earth like a cream-filled pie from Marie Callendar’s crashing into Bill Gate’s face?  Plenty. 

Speaking of calendars, the Mayans had one and so does the Federal Reserve.  I’m not talking Hollywood science here or 1970’s rock and roll from The Fifth Dimension, Dave is lettin’ the sunshine in on what’s going down in the atmosphere.  You see, Dave’s figured out what everyone who pays $25 for a movie ticket, large popcorn and a diet Coke already knows.  December 21, 2012 is the day that the Federal Reserve’s charter expires.  January 1, 2013 sounds like as good a day as any for the reset.  At least the majority of the Christmas shopping will be complete.   

For more on the impact human consciousness has on the price of gold, read these previous posts:

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For a more scientific look at Planet X (aka Nibiru) and it’s impact or lack thereof on the earth in 2012, check out this video from NASA and Harvard man David Morrison.  Don’t forget, this is the same group of folks who brought us President Obama, Keynesian economics, Larry Summers, the double-dip recession, Cass Sunstein, behavioral economics, Elena Kagan and the Harvard fabian society.  It’s quite a track record:

There’s Impossible And Then There’s “Legally Next To Impossible”

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

File:Vienna sausage tasty.jpg

Did you ever try to get a single vienna sausage out of a can of vienna sausages?  I have to admit that I don’t eat vienna sausages anymore, but I had my share as a kid.  The tricky part with the little piggies is to get one out of the can without having to dump the entire collection.  If you’re wondering how exactly we came to have sausages of Austrian origin (think Vienna, Austria’s largest city) actually originating out of Frankfurt (ala the frankfurter from the new mecca of the global financial sausage grinding) it’s simple.  The butcher who smoked the first little smokies was originally from Frankfurt and like the Euro itself had moved to Vienna to ply his trade.

The key, as any canned meat afficianodo already knows, to the removal of a single sausage without disrupting the entire union is the careful deployment of the toothpick.  Hot Dog!  That was easy…

 Here’s an excerpt and the complete set of plans for making sausage out of Greece, or in this case Knocks ‘n’ Brats for German consumption (emphasis Dave’s):

This paper examines the issues of secession and expulsion from the European Union (EU) and Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). It concludes that negotiated withdrawal from the EU would not be legally impossible even prior to the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, and that unilateral withdrawal would undoubtedly be legally controversial; that, while permissible, a recently enacted exit clause is, prima facie, not in harmony with the rationale of the European unification project and is otherwise problematic, mainly from a legal perspective; that a Member State’s exit from EMU, without a parallel withdrawal from the EU, would be legally inconceivable; and that, while perhaps feasible through indirect means, a Member State’s expulsion from the EU or EMU, would be legally next to impossible. This paper concludes with a reminder that while, institutionally, a Member State’s membership of the euro area would not survive the discontinuation of its membership of the EU, the same need not be true of the former Member State’s use of the euro.

Here’s a link to the entire paper which explains how to kick Greece to the curb while not destroying the integrity of the Euro monetary union.

George Soros explains the price that is being paid for what was essentially Michelle Bachman and Ron Paul for failing to eat the sausages that were brought to the Tea Party – a double dip. And we all know that buffet etiquette prohibits the double dip.

If you’re still confused, George Costanza of Seinfeld fame explains to Timmy the nuances of the double dip:




Adult Swim!!!

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

That’s it…. Dave’s all-in on gold, but only the ETF this time…. no physical…. no time for physical… we’ll swap out later.  Everything in that’s not tied down including kitchen sink.

Remember to do what Dave says and not what Dave does…. call your financial advisor.


He Shot The Sheriff

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011


The Honourable Mr. Bob Marley  (photo: Wikipedia)

But he didn’t bury him.  If you’re wondering who the real undertaker is for the “Support Your Local Sheriff By Emasculating Him/Her And Their Deputy Too” movement, then you are going to need to check out your local fusion center.

There’s a new sheriff in town and I’ve got their name.  You see there’s a Fusion Center near you and that’s the new center of law enforcement in your community.  Oh, you don’t think the Sheriff’s really all that important and they certainly can’t protect us from terrorists.  You probably right about the terrorist thing, but I haven’t seen any terrorists at my Wal-Mart.  What the sheriff is really all about is property rights enforcement.  It gets confusing with all the local police, state police, FBI, ATF, Homeland Security, Federal Marshals, Air Marshals. private security guards, Blackwater, etc., etc.  But there’s only one of those who is an agent of your local court house.  The one with the deed to your house and your business and your birth certificate.  You know… your own local Andy Griffith.  Every counties got one and unfortunately, a lot of Sheriffs don’t realize how important they are to protecting the Constitution and they’re letting the Feds run all over them.

Notice how everyone in the media interviews talks about “partnership” on the between the county, state and local level.  Well, unfortunately there is no provision for such a “partnership” within the framework of our republic.  Support your local sheriff by asking him if he knows who is really in charge at your local fusion center.

 Here’s the list and when trouble hits your town, this who will be in charge and telling your locally elected Sheriff exactly what he can do and can’t do.

Here’s our previous post on the fascist trend towards the disintermediation of your local elected law enforcement officials.  Like the federal government always says…. “We’re here to help… like we did with Katrina in New Orleans.” :


Throwing Out The Baby Jesus With The Bathwater

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

In this captivating video from Jeremy Rifkin and Daimler-Benz, you’ll nearly be convinced to leave your faith behind and jump on the hydrogen-powered empathy bandwagon. Once again Dave reminds you that the only way to keep your new Mercedes between the lines is to read between the lines.  Mr. Rifkin, in his more detailed written explanation (see link below) equates harnessing the energy that surrounds us in abundance with abandoning our faith in the One Who Created it all.  To be upwardly mobile, he calls for putting your faith in the manager of H2Mobility rather than the Maker of H2O in the first place.   

Here’s a three minute video that outlines the five pillars of the new smart grid internet that will nearly convince you that the power of the sun pales in comparison to that of the internet. 


Faith slowing you down?… Jeremy says throw it overboard:

Only a smart grid will save you now:



Ode To An Eight Year Old

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Dear Son,

I know you’re only eight years old and you have so much to learn about the ways of the world, but I have news for you. The world has already reached out and touched someone and that “someone” is you. Remember just a few months ago on Christmas day when you were so excited to get your own portable game player. Yes, it was a Nintendo. A well-known brand name. That’s how you know you’re loved in this day and age when you get the good player.

Not only was it Nintendo, it was a DS. DS stands for dual screen. But there’s even more. It was not just a Nintendo DS. It was a DSi where the “i” stands for internet. That’s right son, you’re only eight but we want you out there on the internet discovering all the great things the world has for an eight year old on the internet. That’s how you know you’re loved. You get the internet for Christmas and you’re only eight.

I have some really bad news for you today son. You know how I told you that because you live in America that you have rights and those rights are protected under the Constitution. Well, not anymore. At least not if you’re going to keep that internet we gave you for Christmas. Actually I know we haven’t connected your DSi to the “i” just yet, but you know we’re great parents and as soon as your friends have their eye on the “i” that you’ll have an “i” of your very own. Then you’ll be able to connect with other gamers all across the globe. It’s amazing… we know. It’s America.

Back to that bad news thing I was telling you about. You know those rights; the right to protect yourself and the right to bring others to justice who may try to trample over your rights whether they are an individual or a corporate individual (thanks to Citizens United v. FEC)? Well, we’re going to have to give those up if you’re going to really be a good gamer and we all know how important that is.

You see son, there’s a problem with the network and the network effect and peer-to-peer in general. It has created great things like Wikipedia (you’ll need that in 5th grade for your book report) and Linux and Apache Server (it’s the “A” in the “i”), but it’s causing big problems for the corporate strawman. You see all those peer-to-peer connections established on the network are helping people to organize themselves and sometimes they’re organizing against the very corporations that brought them together. It’s like little network Norma Rae’s are popping up all over the place and they’re complaining and this time it’s not about brown lung disease.

It may be that they’re complaining about putting in real cash to buy virtual goods only to have their network shut down with no warning and no refunds. It may be because their privacy was invaded and their mobile cell phone number was sold without their consent or the privacy settings are so complicated that you would have to work at Facebook to understand how to set them. People are complaining about all kinds of things and they’re doing more than complaining, they’re filing actual lawsuits against the very companies that brought them together. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.

So son, your Mom and I talked it over and we decided that you should give up your rights to sue. We realize you haven’t even used the “i” in your DSi and that it’s a Nintendo product and that the virtual hub bub is about Sony Playstation Network and not even about DSi, but it will be eventually. You see once Sony is successful in getting its network users to acquiesce their rights over to the Digital Disneyreich then it’s only a matter of time before Nintendo will follow suit. It’s the only way to maximize shareholder value. We know you’ll understand… someday. You just need to spend a few thousand hours doing World of Warcraft and Farmville and by then you’ll appreciate the real value that it brings to your life. Hey, isn’t the average gamer thirty-five years old? Look at the great future you have ahead of you.

We just wanted you to know that we didn’t take handing over your rights lightly. It’s a gradual thing. First there was that pat down at the airport that you asked me and your mom about, then there was that random traffic stop where you thought we were in trouble. I know, I know, you didn’t understand why our car zooms through E-Z Pass while other people wait in line or why we slam on the brakes everytime the street lights turn yellow downtown where the red light cameras dole out the automatic traffic violations. Well never forget the first time you asked how Netflix knew to bring up your favorite old Speed Racer selections. Behavioral economics isn’t easy to explain to an eight year old, but we tried.

When we think about all the great conveniences you have in your life, just giving up our privacy and rights in exchange for the comfort of knowing we’re being watched is a small price to pay. We can only imagine the embarassment you would be faced with if your friends found out that you were banished from the Sony Playstation Network because your parents were determined to protect your civil rights. Not only would your life be less fun, we would probably be looked on by our friends and neighbors as odd, or worse, out-of-date on our technology.

Son, we know how much you love to make believe. You make up stories in your mind and you share them with us. You go around the house play acting and making up your own games and ideas in your head. It’s cute and we love you for it, but don’t forget. Sony needs to make money too. Their slogan is so much like your favorite passtime. You love to make believe. Sony’s slogan is make. believe. You see, what Sony believes is that if anyone is going to be in the business of making things people can believe in, it’s Sony. They are the belief makers. Not you. Your beliefs don’t make money, and you don’t have your own corporate counsel, so your beliefs… well, they just don’t count. At least not for Wall Street.

You see, son… Wall Street does the counting. They count the money and they’re counting on you. They’re counting on you to sign the new terms of service for the Playstation Network. They’re counting on you to sign that credit card agreement and that cell phone contract and even a mortgage someday. They’re counting on you to believe – period. Believe in them. Believe in spending your entire life sitting on a couch clicking on a keyboard filled with angry birds. If you let them down, then who’s going to “make. believe?” We know make believe is your favorite thing to do, but how are we ever going to explain it to the neighbors? Your ability to make believe on your own is putting your parents in a very difficult position. What exactly do you expect us to get you for Christmas next year?

(here’s a link to the BBC’s story on the Sony Playstation Network:


Friday, September 16th, 2011

You may not know, care or even be aware of the war that’s been waging in the blogosphere over at HuffingtonPost/AOL/TechCrunch that is now all the same company. There’s a guy named Michael Arrington who was the founder and creative force behind TechCrunch which is (or has been) a force in the tech world when it comes to places people go to read about trends and emerging tech companies.

Barry Diller has had his own challenges in the tech world, but he’s hung in there and he knows a thing or two about the entertainment business, business in general and even grandma’s favorite TV company QVC. Well, Barry had a thing or two to say about what Arrianna (not Arrington), the founder of Huffington Post did to Arrington. Dave doesn’t really know for sure if Michael Arrington brought this upon himself intentionally or not. What Dave does know is he used to go to HuffingtonPost to get ideas and read people’s opinions. For some reason, a few months ago Dave started having difficulting finding interesting topics and comments that he felt were worth readinng. Gotta wonder if Dave’s going to be feeling the same way about

According to Arrington’s twitter feed, he’s launching a new “personal” blog shortly.

Barry Diller’s comments about the crunch incident are at the 31 minute 50 second mark of this video:

Watch live streaming video from paleycenter at