I’ve Got The Power (Snap! 1990)

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.When your Mom signed you up, she had no idea how much power she had.  (Snap! World Power Album 1990)


Most people wouldn’t believe if I told them that Gangnam style dancing could be the cause of a building collapse such as 55 Water Street (The Tower Of Power) in New York City.  Well it’s true.  A 39-story shopping mall called the “Techno-Mart” in Seoul, South Korea shook violently for 10 minutes and was evacuated for two days.  What was the cause of this unexpected threat to the structural integrity of the tower?  After an investigation it was determined that 20 people performing a Tae Bo exercise to the classic disco techno rap single “I’ve Got The Power!” from the German group Snap! caused the building to vibrate through the creation of a mechanical resonance… clearly no thermite was needed.  (http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/nation/2011/07/117_91209.html)

Music has been a powerful force not only in shaking up buildings but also in shaping society, take that classic Beach Boys song for example… Little Deuce Coupe… “I’ve got the pink slip daddy.”  If you street race hot rods, then maybe you’ve raced for pinks.  It’s the pink slip, or the title to your car, the one that Mike Love and Brian Wilson were singing about that got all those California Girls revved up in the 1960’s.  Most folks believe that when the receive the title to their new car in the mail from the State where they registered it that they’re actually getting the car title.  Well, Dave’s got news for you.  It’s not the title.

If you are regular reader here at www.tradewithdave.com, then you know Dave’s been around the block a few times.  Dave has even been involved in the new car business before and Dave was stunned when he discovered that the customers that were buying cars weren’t actually receiving the titles to their cars.  No, the State was getting the title to the car and the customers would receive something referred to as a ‘”Certificate of Title” a few weeks later in the mail.  Sounds like a play on words, but that’s just the beginning. 

As you know there is more than one form of currency on this planet, and believe it or not, new cars and trucks, especially the really popular ones are a form of currency in other countries, especially places like Africa.  You see Dave had a few customers that wanted to purchase new cars with plans to ship them overseas.  That’s when Dave learned about the difference between a car title, a certificate of title and a manufacturer’s certificate of origin.   If a buyer wasn’t going to title the vehicle or pay the tax to the State and they were a savvy buyer, they would ask for the “C.O.”  or the manufacturer’s cerificate of origin.  You want to get the attention of a car dealer, come in with a cashiers check from the bank made out to purchase your new car and then tell the dealer you don’t want to title it.  Explain that you’re  not going to drive off the lot and instead you’re going to have rollback truck pick it up and deliver it to your house.  You’ll get plenty of attention from the car dealer and United States Office of Foreign Assets Control or OFAC at the U. S. Treasury.

It happens quite often because there are two main reasons why an automobile takes on a commercial aspect rather than one of personal property.  First of all if you get a car loan, then the car is commercial in nature even if you’re using it for personal use.  That commercial nature comes from the fact that a commercial bank chartered by the State where you are buying the car is going to be the certificate of title holder until it’s paid off and that’s a commercial transaction.  Together the State and the bank agree to make it a commercial transaction.  The second thing is if you want to register that car with the state so that you can operate it commercially on the highways of your state, you’re going to need to first submit the title to the State and a State licensed insurance company.  This too makes it a commercial transaction whether you like it or not.

You can actually operate an automobile on the highways of your local county without registering it with the State if you go to your local sheriff and notify him that you have an insurance bond on file with the state.  The only reason you need a license plate and a registration is because the vehicle is viewed as an acting in commerce by your State.  Dave’s not saying that this will actually work in a practical sense and you’ll probably get pulled over every ten minutes, but under the common law (Dave’s no lawyer, but he’s common and this isn’t legal advice) technically you’re free to come and go on the roads in a motor car without a driver’s license, registration or insurance.  The reason for the insurance bond to be on file with the state would be to provide reasonable care and satisfaction to the sheriff that should you damage anyone or their property that you have the money set aside to repair or compensate for the damage or loss of life.  With that coverage in place, lawfully he has no reason to stop your free travel, but legally he can cause you plenty of hassle not the least of which is arresting you for driving without a license, but you would have never contracted with the State for a driver’s license in the first place under such an arrangement, so he would have to let you go.  As they say, don’t try this at home.

Now if all this sounds a little  too Warren Jeffs or even Glenn Beck for you, that’s not really the point of this article.  Dave’s not saying that you should cancel your car insurance and cut up your driver’s license, but Dave does operate a vehicle on his own property for example that doesn’t have any license plates or insurance.  It doesn’t leave my property, just like your lawn tractor doesn’t leave your yard, and I could certainly write to the State and have them return the title to me in exchange for their Certificate of Title.  It’s not something that I would recommend, but lawfully the property is mine and I have every right to redeem the true title from the State. 

The real reason Dave wanted to write about car titles today, wasn’t really about cars.  It’s about babies and the titles to babies.  Most folks don’t realize that we essentially pledge our children when they are born as collateral to the State when we file their birth certificates and sign them up for Social Security.  If you asked most folks if the U. S. Government registers the birth of children, they would say “No, birth certificates are registered at the United States/Federal level, only with the vital statistics office at the State level.”  Well, not exactly as you can see from the form at the top of this page.

Now, it’s true that the government quit issuing these “registrations” in the second half of the last century, but it’s not true that the only reason the government issued these registrations was “to help the certain states maintain more accurate birth records.”  That would be hogwash.  As soon as the States were able to replace these registrations with reliable electronic records, then there was no need to continue the practice.  Considering the large number of these registrations that were produced, you can search high and low and you’re not going to find many of them still in existence or even any mention that they were ever even there… but they were. 

You see, this type of discussion can quickly deteriorate into debates about tax avoidance, sovereign man, straw man and redemption.  If you’ve never heard of these topics, then I wouldn’t worry about it too much and you’ve probably never been sent to jail for creating an alternative form of money such as Bernard von Nothaus or tax protest such as Irwin Schiff, father of Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital.  I wouldn’t go there literally, but you can most definitely go there intellectually and I guess you could say that’s exactly where Dave went when he heard that the basement of the Tower of Power, home of the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (the DTCC) was flooded by Hurricane Sandy.  Not only are they claiming that $39.5 trillion in stock certificates and other securities may have been damaged, most likely Dave’s original birth certificate was one of the “securities” that was damaged. 

What happens when the car dealer sends the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin into the State when you buy your new car from them, the State, in Dave’s opinion, now has the title to your car.  What do they do with the title?  They do the same thing anyone who has a big stack of property titles does.  They securitize them.  Dave can almost hear you saying, “But Dave, what are they securitizing exactly when you possess the car?”  Well let’s see.  You’re going to have to get insurance from a State chartered insurer.  You’ve probably got a bank loan from a State chartered bank.  That’s projectable income tax revenue on two big industries.  What about fuel, road taxes and tolls?  Are you going to be paying for registration, inspections and license plates?  It’s starting to add up isn’t it.  That’s statistically guaranteed cash flow for the State and that’s how States get bigger.  They issue bonds against all that revenue and they turn around and obligate the citizens of the state twice for the new car purchase that they made.  First you have to pay off the loan, second you have to pay to operate the vehicle commercially (whether it’s commercial in capacity or not) and finally you get to pay all that debt back in what has been a 6% per year model of depreciation of the currency since the founding of the Federal Reserve.

You see the Fed is guaranteed a 6% return on their money.  That’s the way it’s been set up all along.  The member banks receive 6% annually on their shares of stock (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Reserve_System).  The basis of this entire system is you and the statistically implied productivity that was imbued to you by God at your birth yet collateralized, securitized and finally monetized in the years between the default of the US and subsequent founding of the Fed and the formation of FDR’s New Deal

From all appearances, the New Deal is becoming an Old Deal and it’s time for a whole new form of contracts.  Double-entry accrual accounting is becoming worse for wear as the emperor’s wardrobe is wearing thin and triple entry accounting is on the rise.  Dave still has his original Social Security Card.  You know the one I got when I was ten years old and started mowing lawns.  It has my signature right on the front of it.  Social Security is a contract, just like a Federal Reserve Note is a promissory note and a promise to pay… nothing more nothing less.  The problem with fiat currency, like the U.S. Dollar FRN’s is that they don’t express a payee (such as the bearer) or a due date in the form of a term.  That’s where they managed to monetize the concept of your “full faith and credit” in the U.S. Government for lawful money.  It looks like it’s time to take all those prima facie wet documents that represent the collateral and turn them into electronic versions of their former self.

In the CNN article about the flooding at the DTCC, they clearly said “custody certificates in sealed envelopes damaged in flood.”  They also went on to elaborate on the presence of electronic records to now substitute for the signed collateral (be that a birth certificate, a car title or maybe a JP Morgan credit default swap on Greece) in the amount of $39.5 trillion.  There’s that ” T ” word again.  You see the key to washing the hog when your plan is to send the hogwash down river is to have the same plausible deniability that I wrote about in the Kim Dotcom ME.GA project (http://tradewithdave.com/?p=12996).  See no evil… Wall Street style.  The certificates are wet, so you’ve got to trust the computer file… just like they did in the Mortgage-gate Robo-signing deception.  Same idea, but instead of cleansing the lack of audit trail at your local court house, this is the building (55 Water St.) where the Fed, all the banks and all the security firms store their document.  “But Dave they really had a flood!”  Sorry, but this wasn’t an unexpected pipe breaking or a false flag terrorist attack, they saw this coming for a week and had plenty of time to protect the trillions from getting wet.  Dave’s not buying it.

 We’re all a form of surety when we’re registered as U. S. Citizens and we form a financial bond even if the U. S. Department of Commerce no longer issues “registrations” of our birth.  The United States Code spells it out clearly enough.


United States Code Title 12, Chapter 3, Supchapter XII, Section 411


Federal reserve notes, to be issued at the discretion of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System for the purpose of making advances to Federal reserve banks through the Federal reserve agents as hereinafter set forth and for no other purpose, are authorized. The said notes shall be obligations of the United States and shall be receivable by all national and member banks and Federal reserve banks and for all taxes, customs, and other public dues. They shall be redeemed in lawful money on demand at the Treasury Department of the United States, in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, or at any Federal Reserve bank.


If our birth certificates represent the assets that are obligated by the issuance of these Federal Reserve Notes, then who are you?  Well, you’re the representative.  That’s why you’re the one that ends up as a client of Correction Corporation of America when you can’t redeem the bond. 

How can they get away with all this?  Somebody should make a law!  Well, they did.  It’s called the Uniform Commercial Code.  This isn’t about the common law justice.  This isn’t about whether or not an action is CIVIL or CRIMINAL.  All these actions are COMMERCIAL.  And you know what they say… it’s not personal, it’s just business.  This is just business.  You read it in the Citizens United v. FEC verdict.  Corporations are persons.  Persons are corporations.  Your birth certificate, your car title, the deed of trust on your house, they’re all securities and unfortunately, they’re all wet.   All $39.5 trillion (http://tradewithdave.com/?p=13075).

” The common law is founded on common sense and is the glory of this country.  The other law is made by politicians.”

Justice Travers Humphreys (1867-1956 England)


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