The Trillion Dollar Trade

Well, the trillion dollar platinum coin trade is going mainstream.  For all you loyal Dave readers out there, this rising meme of the seigniorage solution is no surprise to you.  You’ll remember these platinum greatest hits.  This afternoon I am planning to assemble a link of all the mainstream and not so mainstream stories on the platinum coin right here so make sure to check back and please tell your friends to Trade With Dave.

(Editor’s note: apologies for some broken links earlier today on this page.  The problem has been corrected.  Please check back for additional links to other media outlets covering this same story to be added to this story later today.)


June 12, 2011 Easier to steal with the lights off:

June 17, 2011  Chancellor hides the trojan:

July 8th 2011 Dave catches a wiff of sumpin’ cookin’ :

April 16, 2012 Senior Soros Goes Platinum:

April 17, 2012 Brian Sacajawea:

August 27, 2012 Wedgie Seignior?:

December 11, 2012 Disloflation vs Coinflation:


Yesterday’s post when the coin Seigniorage album finally went platinum:

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