Shave With Dave

Lifetimes… now guaranteed!

See if you can pick out the one who is not a paid actor. This video was brought to you by the letters A, I and G, the words Moral Hazard and the number $182.5 billion.  Thank you America, for bailing us out and ending free market capitalism while trading the exclusive right for “The freedom to insure a brighter future” to too big to fail institutions in exchange for rapidly depreciating chump change (formerly known as the world’s reserve currency) soon to be replaced by a trillion dollar platinum coin.  Now, hand over that ever-increasing premium before we cancel your policy.

AIG says “We turned it around.”  That would be like saying, AIG had a mortgage that was past due, they “turned it around” by being foreclosed upon and seeing their house sold at an auction after they were used as a conduit to channel over $100 billion to their TBTF counterparty banks as depicted in the infamous schedule a:  (  What ended up being a close shave for AIG was in reality a cut throat robbery of not only the American people courtesy of congress, the treasury and the White House, but more importantly the demise of the free market.

AIG gets in the last words as their claim to fame being… of all things… “lead insurer of the World Trade Center.”

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