There’s no need to actually look at the page when you’re the one who wrote the book


I know I mentioned a couple of days ago that I was going to assemble a list of all the stories circulating out there relative to the trillion dollar platinum coin seigniorage concept.  Well, the list basically would have to include every media outlet on the planet, so I decided to see if I can find someone who didn’t cover the story.  I thought that may be an easier list to assemble.  No such luck as I can’t find anyone who hasn’t already written about it in the past few days.

Now the idea has its own Wikipedia page.  What’s interesting to me about the page is how prominently it features Joe Weisenthal from  The best I can tell George Soros was the first person to talk about the accrual of coin seigniorage and we covered that right here at Dave.  Interestingly the Wikipedia references make no mention of the Soros relationship to the idea.

Remember Joe Weisenthal was the same fellow who said this past summer that George Soros’ June Eurozone speech was so “brilliant” that “people were going nuts over it.”  Joe went on to refer to the speech as “fantastic” and encouraged everyone to read it on George’s website.  Joe even referred to George within the context of this speech as “a dynamo.”  That’s a rare adjectives for octogenarians, but George is engaged to be married.  I think Joe likes him in a new-economic-thinking-neo-Keynesian-man-crush kind of way.


Here’s a link to the eleven posts here at for the past couple of years that addressed the concept of seigniorage and its accrual as a scheme for debt solutions out of thin air.

Here’s the Bloomberg video where Joe refers to it as “the perfect antidote” for our collective tiredness. If you ask Dave that implies that someone has either been drinking poison or was bitten by a snake. Could it be that the best image for the Trillion Dollar Coin would be the “new economic thinking” version of the Gadsden Flag image of the un-coiled snake with the slogan You Just Tread On Me.

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