Kim Dodd Con

Bloomberg’s short profile on Kim Dotcom and the new Mega Upload encrypted online storage service.

Russia Today’s in-depth interview with Kim Dotcom as he outlines the people behind the government’s attack on MEGA, namely Countrywide mortgage recipient and “Friend of Angelo” Chris Dodd of the Motion Picture Association of America.


Kim’s not the only JUMBO player in the money game. Don’t forget Countrywide and the Friends of Angelo Mozillo jumbo mortgage program for elected officials charged with regulating Countrywide. News reports from the 4th of July holiday 2012 on the “Friends of Angelo” VIP mortgage program:

Here’s the full report from the House of Representatives Oversight Committee:

Aaron Swartz on how he shut down SOPA. Don’t miss the references to Chris Dodd in the speech. May he rest in peace.


Here’s what the government does to you for “checking out too many books from the library.”

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