The Hunger Games (Hamptons-Davos Edition)

Huffington Post highlights Goldman Sachs involvement in global food crisis…. then partners with them on job creation.


In what can only be described as a strategy of decreasing the unemployment rate by decreasing the number of human beings who have sufficient food to be able to show up to work, Arrianna Huffington and Lloyd Blankfein have put their heads together in what media pundits (namely Dave) are describing as the first-ever internet sighting of the rare double-headed banking-media vampire squid.

Here’s the Huffington Post piece including the photo slide show depicting Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs and owner of a new $32+ million house as Dr. Evil in the movie Austin Powers in the “CEO’s who look like villians” feature:


In regard to Dodd-Frank compliance, Huffington Post had previously reported that Bloomberg’s findings did not match up with statements from Blankfein about the firm’s prop trading:


It’s not necessary to ask Arianna why she is partnering with Lloyd Blankfein on jobs creation.  She already published an article explaining “Why it’s good to be vampire squid.”


Here’s the article where Arianna and Lloyd explain their “two, two, two squids in one” common goal for empowering hungry entrepreneurs.


A guy who would spend $30 million on a house.  Is this someone you want to partner with?



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