A Currency War of Words

Take that!


There’s a bit of a war being waged this morning as to just exactly what kind of a Currency War, if any, is actually going on out there.  The projectiles all come with a # symbol in front of them.  For those of you who prefer to avoid being hit by the sticks and stones of what may be escalating from a snowball fight, here are a few handy links for your consideration.

Let’s start with Jim Rickards letting ZeroHedge have it for attempting to school their readers with a heat map.  Here is Jim’s tweet:

After being dead wrong on the #Euro for a year, @zerohedge wants to tutor us on #CurrencyWars http://bit.ly/T5UaMd . Thanks guys. #ZeroCred  (@jamesgrickards)


Here’s ZeroHedge’s heat map:



Here’s Morgan Stanley weighing in on how there wasn’t a currency war, but there just might be one soon if Japan keeps this up:



Here’s Jim’s previous tweet that Japan gets a “hall pass” from the Fed on the currency war:


Here’s the made for Youtube video released three months ago by Jim Rickards of the currency wars war game simulation. No mention of Japan that I noticed:


Here’s where Dave stood on the Currency War meme in September 2011.



I’m still trying to figure out exactly where I stand this morning.  Please email me with your ideas.  tradewithdave (at)  gmail (dot) com.

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