Angry With Dave

“… when angry people get together they form militias.”

Here’s the trend I am noticing.  People are no longer calling the police or fire department if they think they can handle something themselves.  They’re concerned that when they call any first responders to their house or business that their property is now subject to being searched.

Let’s say someone broke into your house and stole your television for example.  In the past, people would call and file a police report.  Not anymore.  Same thing goes for a kitchen fire.  They would call the fire department.  Not anymore.  They put the fire out the best they can and then they do the repairs.  They don’t even report it on their insurance.

Here’s the Homeland Security Solution.  Dial 911 and grab some scissors.  What’s most interesting to me is the contrast between the people in the actual town hall video above and the actors in this Homeland Security video below. Guess they’re planning to replace the Department of Homeland Security slogan of “See something, say something” with the office worker’s version “See something, scissor something.”

In keeping with the assault weapons theme, of all things FOFOA and his band of merry friends of friends of another headed to Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam for a get together. They were able to take time out of their busy trade show schedule to fire off a few rounds and publish it to youtube. I guess it’s their way of linking gold bugs with weapons enthusiasts.

More on FOFCON as opposed to ComicCon of DEFCON:

If all that wasn’t bad enough, now the Pew Research Center is out with a reporting saying that the vast majority of Americans don’t trust the government. Surprise!

Watch Pew Survey: 3/4 of Americans Don’t Trust the Government on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.


Here’s the full length 30+ minute video of the meeting in New York State to deliver the SAFE Act.  Don’t miss the State’s presenter at the 14 minute mark when he attempts to “school” everyone in the room on “How this country was set-up.”  According to him it was “set-up” by the courts.  Check out the sheriff at 24 minutes where he says that the law will creep to include regular bolt action rifles.

Here’s 148 pages from the “Combatting Terrorism Center” at West Point.  The report explains how to better “understand America’s violent far-right.”  If I had to guess, that would be those guys in the video of New York State:


…. and, while we’re at it.  The White House just released this photo of President Obama skeet shooting at Camp David.

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