“Suicide” By 13 Meter Embankment (40-50 feet)

To put it in perspective these athletes jump half that distance just for sport.

Mike Dueker –  Former Federal Reserve employee ranks among the top 5 percent of economists by number of works published.  It may not be a good idea to call out the Fed as being “on a slippery slope” for its price stability mandate (read dual mandate… turned triple mandate) if you’re planning to jump down an “embankment” to your death.

“He may have jumped over a 4-foot (1.2-meter) fence before falling down a 40- to 50-foot embankment”, Pierce County Detective Ed Troyer said yesterday. He said the death appeared to be a suicide. Then again, the embankment was near the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, so Dave can imagine the significance of suicide by proximity to bridge height as measured in both meters and feet.  If you just quickly scan Bloomberg’s first paragraph you would think that Mike jumped off the Tacoma Narrows Bridge or maybe that the embankment was 50 meters rather than 40 feet.  By the way… can you actually “jump” off of an embankment like you can jump off of a bank building or are embankments really made for rolling down rather than jumping off?  Cliffs are for jumping while embankments are for tumbling and tumbling is for four year olds not for suicides.


You may find it tough to understand just how jumping off a 13 meter “embankment” could kill a man, then again, can you grasp why the detective who proclaimed Mike’s death as a “suicide” had no difficulty throwing his own son that he raised for fourteen years under a metaphorical “foster” bus if it was a career necessity?

Troyer was having trouble at work?  By the way who said that?  Oh yeah, “Troyer told Bloomberg News that the economist was having problems at work, without elaborating.”

“As foster parents we have raised seven kids through foster care, including Zach, who we got when he was 5 years old,” Detective Ed Troyer’s statement said. “All were taken out of abusive situations.  “Zach currently lives on his own. I would expect him to be treated the same as other 19-year-olds facing similar allegations of consensual sexual activity, and I’m confident the truth will come out.”  I guess in fourteen years of raising a “son” you can take the kid out of the abuse, but you can’t take the abuse out of the kid.



Why would such a seemingly successful economist as Mike Dueker thrust himself down an embankment?  Maybe things weren’t going that well at Russell and the plan is to sell the company while the getting is good.  The company announces that it is shopping itself and three days later the one man who knows what the business is worth turns up dead… nothing to see here folks… move along.


And what about Bill Broeksmit – “Among the finest minds” in his field.  He was found hanged.


Gabriel Magee – a Vice President in technology for investment banking at JPMorgan jumps to his death and Metropolitan Police describe it as “non-suspicious”



Pierre Wauthier – “Pierre was a resilient chap, and his suicide seems totally out of character,”



And the Wall Street Journal Energy Reporter David Bird is still missing:


There was Berezovsky.  He was hanged: http://tradewithdave.com/?p=16164

There was Marc Rich and the Corzine Glencore timing:  http://tradewithdave.com/?p=17193

There was William H. Gray dropping dead at Wimbledon during the height of the JPM board negotiations:  http://tradewithdave.com/?p=18430

What is the common theme running through all this?  The best Dave can tell is Deutsche Bank’s decision to no longer participate in the London Gold Fix while the Federal Reserve continues to refuse to return Germany’s gold.


As far as government representatives having every right to throw you out of a window or off a balcony, U. S. Representative Michael Grimm from Staten Island explains:

And if by chance, you survive the fall, there’s a nice concilatory “Italian” lunch waiting for you prepared by the mother of the man who threatened to kill you, assuming that the highway exit ramp in Jersey hasn’t been closed in retaliation for some prior deed blocking you from actually reaching your lunch date destiny:


For those of you who were waiting to hear about the cause of death for Loretta Fuddy, the Health Director in Hawaii who was responsible for releasing President Obama’s birth certificate, here’s the latest:

“An autopsy was conducted on Fuddy shortly after the crash, but the cause of death was initially deferred.”

That’s probably standard procedure.  Conduct the autopsy and then defer the cause of death.  Makes sense to me.  What was the ultimate cause of death?  Well, it’s a little bit confusing according to Hawaii’s Star Advertiser.  You see, police said “the death was determined to be accidental.”  Then they said that Ms. Fuddy “died of a cardiac arrhythmia because of stress” following the plane crash.  So, I guess technically speaking it was an accidental cardiac arrhythmia which was initially deferred.  There… that makes sense.


I guess you could say it was quite similar to what happened to Matt Simmons whose cause of death was ruled “accidental drowning with heart disease a contributing factor”.  Then again Matt was in a hot tub and Loretta was in the ocean.  But then again Matt had been commenting  on the BP oil spill as an expert whereas Loretta was eulogized by the governor of Hawaii Neil Abercrombie no doubt for being able to do what Neil promised to do but could never deliver:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1348916/Hawaii-governor-says-Obamas-birth-record-exists-produce-it.html


Why can’t Germany get its gold back.  Well, it may have something to do with this chart:



So, this fellow Russ Winter offers his “Open Letter To Gold Investors” and no doubt rhetorically implores “Will the real manipulators please stand up.”  Russ continues by asking; “So is JP Morgan the short manipulator of gold some are continuing to suggest? At one time perhaps, but now I believe the answer is unequivocally “no” and,  in fact, the complete opposite. JP Morgan and the three other U.S. banks have a large net-long position equal to nearly 15% of Comex open interest.”

Here Russ does what he describes as “connect the dots with evidence as opposed to circular logic and opinion” and then he uses self-described justification of the CFTC’s banker participation report analysis of  “They are not identified by name, but historically and deductively, JP Morgan is the largest and most dominant participant. Over the last quarter this report has shown that the four big banks have continued to build a net-long position, now at 57,408 futures contracts, or 5.741 million ounces.”  So, no logic or opinion allowed by the reader, just history predicts the future and deductively Russ figured it out.

Russ continues (emphasis Dave); “The next forensic report shows managed money’s short position in gold. Here, we see the off-the-chart short position of the managed-money complex. I suppose a true conspiracy commentator might offer up that the Fed has an secret agent conducting business in this complex. But to that, I ask this question: What national interest is served by distorting the price of gold to such a degree that the Chinese can cheaply acquire thousands of tonnes, eventually announcing they have more gold than Fort Knox?

Russ, that’s so simple even Dave can answer the question.  Remember the Chinese.  Well, it was fairly important that they didn’t foreclose on the United States during the lows of the 2007-08 crisis (cue then SecTreas Hank Paulson’s character in the movie The Last Days of Lehman Brothers saying “You want your great-grandkids speaking Chinese?).  In exchange for that, Dave would suggest that Timmah made a deal with the Chinese that purchases could begin around late 2011 that they could buy just so much gold at just such an average price in exchange for not foreclosing on Uncle Sam or for promising not to unload their U. S. Treasury bonds on the open market at least until the banks could get back on their feet at the taxpayer’s expense.  You got that.  But shipping all this gold to China is causing a bit of a problem in the accounting department and for the Germans, they can’t simultaneously participate in the price fix and then complain that they can’t get their gold back because the folks fixing the paper price of gold know that they don’t actually have any gold.


To close the circle on this global odyssey, let’s take it back to Germany where in the absence of getting their gold back, the German Central Bank suggests that it may impose a capital levy:

Financial Times:

“The German central bank raised the idea of an emergency capital levy in its monthly report, arguing that it corresponded with the principle of “national responsibility, according to which taxpayers are responsible for their government’s obligations, before the solidarity of other states is called upon”.

What the Bundesbank is suggesting is hopefully not what Dave calls a Britney Spears Bail-In (oops I did it again) business model, but rather would be a one-off  “imposed in conditions of extraordinary national crisis, in order to limit negative consequences for investment, and potential capital outflows.”

Time to update the scratch list:  http://tradewithdave.com/?p=17066



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