Does The Reserve Deserve To Be Preserved?

On this video report from Fox News, Texas Congressman Ron Paul states that he wants a genuine audit of the fed.

Here’s an article from the Huffington Post where Congressman Alan Grayson claims that “We did it” already when it comes to the audit of the Federal Reserve:   Am I getting this right? Congressman Alan Grayson claimed that we have a genuine audit of the Fed, and then he loses his re-election bid. Ron Paul on the other hand, claims that we didn’t have a genuine audit of the Fed and he gets appointed to chair the monetary policy committee plus his son gets elected as a Senator from Kentucky.

Here’s our link to the previous posts on the nature of audits and their impact on elections:

Here’s a blog post on Dave’s opinion on the possibility of an unintended consequences of truth from Dr. Paul’s exploratory endeavors:

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