Tea Party Convulsions? There’s An App For That


George Magnus of the Swiss Bank UBS issued a paper on what Dave would describe as an attempt to regain the global financial balance between Michele Bachmann and the Bank for International Settlements in Basel.  By all appearances, he’s calling on Steve Jobs to provide a technology solution in light of robots having replaced people at China’s Foxconn factory and the otherwise Hurt Locker-like rewiring of the reset switch for the labor theory of value sequel known as the innovator’s dilemma.

(Here’s a reposting of Dave’s original comment form ZeroHedge.com. The entire Magnus UBS note is at the bottom of the page)

George Magnus’ attempt to provide some relief for the convulsions his clients are experiencing is found within the comfort of his reminder, as Karl Marx originally tried to convince us; capital has no bounds.  You can rest easy, as there are companies that you can still invest in (read Apple, Google, Facebook) that have broken the sovereign bounds of political economy.  These select companies are the “world system definers” and if there’s one thing that sovereigns need it is help in designing their world system.  By selectively investing in “the definers” via the rapidly emerging “super entity” (http://tradewithdave.com/?p=7777) not only will you derive “greater comfort”, you will also help to guarantee that the companies that build the new world system maintain their boundless lead.

Magnus reminds politicians that if you want innovation in your system design, then it comes at a price.  That price is allowing the companies that can deliver on a well-designed system the opportunity to also enjoy some extraordinary benefits (along with their shareholders) as not only system designers, but also as VIP system users.  Think of it as a Delta Airlines Medallion express check-in line for Apple Ipad owners… you can picture that…  comforting, no?

Magnus inadvertently reminds us that economics is no science, but rather the mere hand that reaches for the wallet upon the body politic.  He is careful to remind politicians too (Can you hear me now, Michele Bachmann, this is Verizon calling) that if they want system innovators to keep on innovating that they need to provide them with a front row seat in the political theater (http://tradewithdave.com/?p=5372).  If that’s inconvenient for the black mock turtle & hoodie crowd, then there’s always time for a tour bus drive-by comforting (verb), on Sand Hill Rd (comfort food included).

Take comfort ye CEO’s whose names are still on the invitation list, for if ye believe like Karl Marx suggests (http://tradewithdave.com/?p=7152) that you are as free from accountability as Norman Lear’s  Fred “my capital made me do it” Sanford, then who’s the wiser?  Magnus has given you the perfect Carville-Clintonian out (“It’s the political-economy stupid”) neatly wrapped in a made-for-Hulu version of Pygmalion.  There’s one small detail that both Magnus and Marx overlooked however and that is the role which FREE WILL plays in, well…. free will.

There’s a fourteen year old programmer out there somewhere who has plans for your “world system” and if you believe that the world IS your system, then just might you be believing that you can live by that sword.  As the super-entities give rise to the super innovating tech company which gives rise to the attempt to do what Marx believed in most all along – deciding what is best for you and your family, what’s a lobbyist to do?  4 out of 5 Politicians, technicians, economists and street rioters may agree that whoever possesses the information possesses the power to change behavior of the observed by the observer.  But what of the ten year old girl who revealed recently at DEFCON how she hacked the game clock to exploit a social gaming network http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2390671,00.asp ?  Did she get the memo, or are you ready to see her download your entire Zynga/Farmville grain elevator into her offshore CFTC  integrity “points” account.  http://tradewithdave.com/?p=4567

Hey Steve, Mark and Larry, Karl Marx is calling across time and space and he wants to know the answer to the proverbial is mobility the same as freedom question… “Can you hear me now?”  Charles Magnus and the fine folks at UBS need to know the answer.  Don’t keep us waiting.  Tell us you’ve got an app for that – a liberty app.

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